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About Guy's Lawn Care

​Guy's Lawn Care predicates itself on leaving a great product and having even better customer service. You call and we'll answer.
In early 2004, Guy's Lawn Care found it's first customer. What started as just a neighbor helping out a fellow neighbor, GLC grew into a full fledge business that offers many landscaping services.
To start, GLC had an old lawn tractor, old string trimmer, and an even older leaf blower. However, the passion to make the lawn a work of art was there. Here at GLC, we take pride in bringing the best out of your yard. Clean, neat, and well-manicured lawns are our goal. We have a pristine vision for what your property needs to look like. 

Now seventeen years later, with newer equipment and a broader wealth of knowledge, that passion is still there. Let GLC help you reach your lawns' goals. Even if you are too busy, you deserve the best.
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