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Serving the Freehold, Manalapan, Marlboro, Colts Neck, & Howell Areas

Lawn Mowing

Freehold Lawn Mowing weekly cutting weekly lawn mowing Spring Cleanup grass cut Grass mowing Marlboro Manalapan Lawn Maintence

GLC provides a regular maintenance schedule for mowing your lawn. The most popular option is of course a weekly schedule starting in April and ending October/Nov. Other options include every other week or even a one time cut. 

A quality cut is the staple of GLC. A full mowing experiences includes, clean lines, no grass clumps, clearing debris off sidewalks, driveways, and patios, edging along sidewalks, driveways, and landscapes. 

Spring Cleanups

Freehold Lawn Mowing weekly cutting weekly lawn mowing Spring Cleanup grass cut Grass mowing Marlboro Manalapan Lawn Maintence

After a rough northeast winter, a Spring Cleanup is in order for a yard. This project can include removing leaves from the previous fall, picking up fall debris, cutting loose branches, cutting back perennial plants, weeding landscaped beds, trimming bushes, and mulching.

Fall Cleanups

A Fall cleanup mostly revolves around the leaves dropping. Customers have the option of when they would like their leaves removed from the lawn. Options include every week, in two steps, or in one big cleanup after every leaf has fallen. Other important tasks in a fall cleanup include weeding again (anytime to weed is a good time), removing limbs that may fall and be a danger over the winter. 


GLC can clean up and give an area of of your property with new life by removing old and overrgrown plants and planting new and vibrant ones. 


Mulching or rock provide a solid backdrop in areas of plants or sometimes simply where grass doesn't grow. The benefits of these options include preventing weeds, retaining moisture for surround roots, and providing a buffer in extreme temperature. There is still no better look then a clean layer of rock or mulch. It makes everything else pop!

Bush/Hedge Trimming

Trimming is typically done in the spring as to promote new growth. Maintaining the shape and size of bushes/hedges on a regular basis is important. Overgrown plants can take over sidewalk, another plant, or pop through a fence. Another danger is an overgrown plant touching the house which can transfer insects. 

A freshly trimming bush or straightened hedge provides the property with a clean, neat, and easy on the eye look.

Tree Trimming

While GLC does not provide major tree/stump removal, we are more than capable of handling low lying limbs.

Allow Guy's Lawn Care to put together a plan for your needs and budget.

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